There are usually 4 ways for shipping: ocean way, normal post, airline, express delivery. By reviewing your order, we will recommand the most cost-effective shipping way.

Ocean way for container base:

Normally for importing wholesale goods, ocean way is the cheapest way that most impoter chose, especailly for a full container base.

Container type & volume: 20 foot (28cbm)/ 40 foot (58cbm)/ 40HQ (68cbm)/ 45HQ (78cbm).

The container will ship to the nearest international seaport in your country.

After that, custom clearance and all process can be done by your hired local custom broker, the contact information can be found on internet or your yellow page.

PS: We can also have the shipping agent send the container directlly to your door if you like.

Ocean way for bulk shipment:

When a wholesale order is less than container base, for example, 5-10 cartons, still can shipped by ocean way.

Ocean freight per CBM to most international main seaport is actually cheap,

but the standard cost of exporting a shipment(like custom fee,port handling charges in China ect) will still need to charge in your order.

When you receive the goods, there is an extra cost called "discharge fee per cbm" will need to be paid beside the regular cost in your port.

(this extra cost will not charge when you import a full container)

Many importer that buy less than a container base, usually total order about 10 cartons, tend to use this ocean way.

Depend on which international seaport it is, the ocean way normally take about 10-20 days.To some Asian country could be a few days.

Normal post delivery:

Usually suitable for order about 5 cartons.

The goods will send to the post office nearest to your address, and would need to pick up the goods from there.

Shipping freight for normal post delivery is relatively cheap.

It can be also use for sample order delivery purpose if you are not in urgent need of the goods.

Shipping time is 5-8 weeks depend on the location.

Airline delivery:

When you in urgent need of the goods, the goods will be ship to your nearest international airport, and would need to pick up the goods and do the custom clearance procedure from there.

Shipping time is around 4-5 days, depend on which city. For some countries near China could be a lot faster.

The way to caculate the freight is base on measurement weight, plus the china custom cost need to be paid, sometimes airline is more expensive then express delivery.

Express delivery:

Normally we use EMS express as the freight caculation is base on the actual goods weight not measurement weight, therefore the freight will be relatively cheaper.

EMS is 1-2 days later than other express company.Normally takes a week.

It is perfect for sample delivery or trail order shipment, enable you to receive the samples/goods promptly for bigger order evaluation, so you can decide your next investment for making money

on hot sales season like xmas or other festival and have them shipped by the cost-effective ocean way.