1. No MOQ

We do not set minimum order quantity except for a few speical products, the price will be base on the inquiry quantity.

2. Free Spare Parts & Free Sample

When you place a wholesale order with us, we will offer certain spare parts free of charges.

As well as the free sample policy that we mention here : www.focusgood.net/samplePolicy.asp

3. Local Shipping Convenience

For retail, online shopping or wholesaler, mailbox is necessary.

We can pack each individual item in a mailbox, and put them into the master carton in good order. It is more durable for shipping and more convenient to ship locally.

The mailbox cost will be reasonable and low, we will do everything here for you and when the goods arrive to your side, they are ready to ship out individually.

Save your time and money!

4. Drop Shipping

We can do drop shipping service for our customer, sometimes you would like to consider let us ship the goods directly to your customer, we do this for you for FREE and only list your information as SHIPPER.

It save your time for repack the parcel to deliver and also save the shipping cost from China to your address, and you only need to pay for the shipping from China to your customer’s address.

5. Business Suggestion

By reviewing your order quantity, we will recommend you the best way to ship the goods to save your overall cost.

Details please refer here : www.focusgood.net/shipping.asp

6. After Sales Service

After shipping the goods that you purchased from us, the detail production pictures, quality check pictures, shipping pictures, tracking number, shipping schedule will be sent for your reference and tracking.

7. Business Promotion

Selling products need a lot of promotion, our company can provide many kinds of service to support your business with low charges :

Product pictures: detail product pictures from our website, with watermark of your company name or website, or take the pictures as the way you prefer, it saves your time, money and space to set up a studio or send the product to an expensive workroom.

Product videos: product demo video from our website, with watermark of your company name or website.

Graphic design: we have professional Graphic designers to design the promotional add pictures or banner for the products you chose.

We can help you design and make a catalog, or a few pages promotional add or demo CD.

If you need more business support from us, please email us with detail requirement. We will try the best to your satisfaction.

There will be more customer services coming up to fully support our customer’s business.

We look forward a great cooperation with you.