Vanquish X9R 4WD Nitro RC Car VH-X9R

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Vanquish X9R 4WD Nitro RC Car VH-X9R

Vanquish X9R 4WD Nitro RC Car VH-X9R


Vanquish X9R 4WD Nitro Rc Car 1:8 Gas powered Rc Car
Aluminium shock suspension.

Stainless steel front and rear brakes, large diameter rotors with heavy-duty pads for

smooth stopping power.

Powerful 21engine with blue-anodized engine head features an efficient, newly designed

large diameter carburetor and high performance muffler.
*RADIO BOX Rugged radio box protects servo and batery from dust.
*FULL BEARINGS A total of 18 ball bearings included for high efficiency and low

* 21 ENGINE Durable and reliable 21 engine comes with a specially designed tuned muffler

and manifold for a wider power band. Length: 496 mm

Width: 307 mm
Height: 189 mm
Wheelbase: 323-328 mm
Track (F/R): F258/R261 mm
Engine: 21 CXP
Weight: 3200g
Gear ratio: 11.7:1