TW 757-2 2M EPO FPVraptor UAV

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TW 757-2 2M EPO FPVraptor UAV

TW 757-2 2M EPO FPVraptor UAV


Skyrider Glider rc model
1.Blow plastic fuselage, EPO wing, not easy to break
2.Big wing area
3.Long aileron
4.Easy to fly


1) Skyrider is a glider which has a blow plastic fuselage and EPO wing, so it will be more shock-resistant not easy to be broken.
2) As it has a 2m wingspan, the wing area is big, so it is good at gliding.
3) It has two long aileron and 2 long flaps so it has a high performance for making many kinds of actions.                                 
4) The whole plane is assembled by screw, the best way to assemble for beginners.                                                  
5) It is high completeness and it is very easy for beginners to assemble.
6) Its motor is behind for beginner is best, as the motor and propeller not easy to be broken.