Super Sonic - Smallest Mini Remote Control R/C Airplane

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Super Sonic - Smallest Mini Remote Control R/C Airplane

Super Sonic - Smallest Mini Remote Control R/C Airplane

Features: ready to fly, out of the box; molded-foam fuselage and wing with durable tail boom; transmitter with built-in flight-pack charger; mini NiMH battery pack; two extra propellers

"this cute model goes from box to ball field in less than 5 minutes.  Its also a stable flyer thats nearly indestructible.  Everyone who sees the Super Sonic wants to (and can!) fly it !!!

Crash-proof fun for anyone!!!

The smallest ready-to-fly RC plane yet, the Super Sonic is packed with high-tech electronics and engineering innovation, yet is is quite simply the easiest model to get into the air that I have seen.  The Super Sonic is ready to go, out of the box; you need only drop 8 alkaline batteries into the transmitter, fast-charge the included flight pack and install it in the model-from box to ball field in 5 minutes!

Power and control system
The Super Sonic uses small twin motors for power and steering.  At full power, both motors run at the same speed; when you input a turn, one of the motors slows down.  No moving control surfaces, no trimming; what could be easier? Even folks who have never before held a transmitter can fly the Super Sonic; when we were trying this out for the first time at the gym, even the high school girls basketball team wanted to get in on the action, and they had a blast flying the plane around the ball field without any help.