Sea Bird JHR Airplane with Remote

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Sea Bird JHR Airplane with Remote

Sea Bird JHR Airplane with Remote

The airplane features a remote controlled, battery-powered propeller for extended flights. The remote will switch off the engine and let your high-flying glider adventure begin. Need more altitude? Flip the switch on the controller and the propeller fires up to help you climb again. Master banking turns and flying in different wind conditions as you carefully hone your skills. Recommended for ages 10 and above.



The Airplanes wing span is 39.5 inches!
Length: 27 inches!

Twin Propellers

Maximum Operating Range 2600 feet

2 Speed Selectable Control

Altitude & Rotor Speed Control

The airplanes include
Brand New R/C Airplane
2 ch - Full Function controller

2 Motors

4 Propellers

8.4 Volt Ni-MH Cell Battery Pack with Charger

Adjustment Tool