FM 3CH Radio Control Airplane

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FM 3CH Radio Control Airplane

FM 3CH Radio Control Airplane


* Full Function Radio Controlled
* FM 3-Channel Radio Control
* High Speedy Modern Techniques Superior Performance
* 2 Micro Servos for Rudder, Elevator, Control Plus Throttle Controller
* Ground Take Off Capability
* Super Tough, Lightweight Airframe
* Foam Fuselage, Wing Set Constructed
* Radio Control Distance 300 meters
* Fuselage, Wing Set, and Landing Gear
* Easy to Assembled


* Length: 25.5"
* Wingspan: 32"
* Flight Weight: 500g
* Motor:380A
* Battery: Ni-Mh 650Mah/9.6V
* Radio Control Distance 300M
* Almost Ready To Fly

Package Includes:
* FM 3CH Radio Control Airplane Tiger Moth TW-741
* 3-Channel Transmitter (8 AA Batteries Not Included)
* HFR 8.4V ReNi-Mh 2/3A1100*7 Rechargeable Battery Pack
* AC Battery Charger
* 1 Extra Spare Propeller
* Mini Screw Driver
* English Manual