CHEERSON CX-22 (Color Box Version) 5.8G RC Quadcopter Drone

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CHEERSON CX-22 (Color Box Version) 5.8G RC Quadcopter Drone

CHEERSON CX-22 (Color Box Version) 5.8G RC Quadcopter Drone

Product Size (cm): 40 * 40 * 21.5
Body weight (g): 700
Carrying weight (G): less than 500G
Blade diameter (cm): 24
Body Battery Capacity: 11.1V 5400MAH, 3S lithium battery
Remote Control Battery capacity: 4XAA dry battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Flight distance: 800 meters
Remote control distance: 800 meters
Flight time: 25 minutes
Color: white & blue, black & orange, white & orange
Color box size (cm): 64.5 * 14.3 * 37.9
Carton Size (cm): 69.5 * 42 * 67
QTY: 4pcs

Function and selling Description:
* Product has four-channel basic functions; forward and backward; flying left and right side; Zuozhuanyouzhuan; hover, do gymnastics freely sensitive
* Product uses a six-axis gyro stability augmentation system, let the baby easy to control, good stability
* Baby using LED Bright lighting design, so that when the flight characteristics of both more and more people become a landscape night sky tours.
* Baby using smart battery packs, so you always know the battery capacity, battery with automatic sleep function, do not operate the product after 10 minutes, the product will automatically hibernate
* Baby has a self-locking blade mounting structure, easy installation, simple operation.
* Product Dual GPS can locate the aircraft and were remote location.
* Product has a super power brushless motor
* Product optional fan installation of protective frame safer to use
* Products with GPS positioning, fixed point, high-function
* Product has given high pressure, automatic hover mode for easy shooting
* Product has a function to automatically descend to the ground
* Product has a built-OSD, so you always know the babys flight data
* Product has a key return function
* Products have uncontrolled return, beyond the remote control will automatically return from the function
* Products with low pressure alarm, low voltage automatic landing function.